Complex Sentences

A complex sentence has

One Independent Clause


at least one dependent clause.


After reading the cleaning instructions,

use the broom and mops,

that are standing in the corner.

Remember to read the fine print.


A complex sentence has one independent clause


at least one dependent clause.

I always wanted a horse,


I should have been

more specific.

Hi-HO Comma, Away !

A complex thought has one independent claw


at least one dependent claw.

Sometimes a comma is used

to separate claws.

# Claws, clause,cause, cuz, comma, cruise


A calm plexi-sentence has one independent cause


at least one dependent cause, B.


sitting on the Bench,

writing haiku – cuz complex,

just a thought or two.

Salt & Vinegar Yoga

Salt & Vinegar Yoga


Salt & Vinegar Yoga 2

Perfect Position –

Salt & Vinegar Yoga –

Spiritual Pretzel .


Salt & Vinegar Yoga 1Media



Vinegar Yoga –

Twists eyelids  with salty tears,

Black and Blue Bottom.


Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang-Black and Blue Bottom 

( )


Salt & Vinegar Yoga 3


Salt & Vinegar Yoga 4







Note: Recorded on September 26, 1929 in New York City. Joe Venuti was born on a ship on the way to the USA from Italy and became, in many circles, The Great Jazz Violinist. Eddie Lang (who was also known as Blind Willie Dunn) was a boyhood friend of Venuti, and was the first  jazz guitarist to acquire national prominence.