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Received the Cash 4 You junk mail the other day. Some of these quick loan businesses can be just this side of shady; all of them exist in a morally grey area by taking advantage of how many hard working people are stuck paying bills. It is very easy to slip into poverty, even here in Canada ( See online: the why poverty series of mini-documentaries on TVO ). Here in Ontario, Doug Ford’s Conservative government stopped the pilot project for guaranteed income before the results were in. The previous federal conservative government, under Stephen Harper, had shut down a federal project in the Yukon in the same manner.

All this makes you wonder, “why poverty”.


stone age man’s terrors

The Matriarchs & the young Maidens smile,

as their power rises –

truth will become louder,


in the CAVES


Old Fearful Men

(with their Clubs)


Young Troubled Weak Men/Boys

(spinning their Wheels).

Sure with the strength, themselves –

the feminine rise up,

His Downtime & 0.

Stone Age man’s terrors still stalk modern nightmares


creatures crawl-out-from

shadowed complicit corners –

support false judges……….


They Howl at the Moon –

She laughs at their Counterfeit Hyperbole.