Asemic Snapshot: Police Operation


The Ugly Umbrella of Indifference

Once there was a ruler of a huge country, who carried with him a large black umbrella. Now this was not any umbrella, for it was made of indifference, and it blocked the rays of empathy and understanding. So everywhere the ruler went, he cast a shadow of indifference that scarred the land with black empty cracks that separated the people from one another.


Terrible things happened, some brought on by the Fury of Nature, and others created by the poison of ignorance and hate. The People shouted at each other in shadows, and the blood of children wept, crying for comfort that sickened as it trickled in the gutters of false accusations.

Slowly, all those that stood closest to the ruler, family, friends and advisers were stained by the ugly ooze dripping from this ugliest of umbrellas. They could not clean themselves, and unable to speak truthfully about their appearance, they fled the loud whispers pointing fingers at them.

A huge wind, made from the breaths of dying children, rose up and gathered strength. So strong was this wind, that it began to tatter and fray the edges of the Ugly Umbrella. Even so the ruler hung on tightly, trying to protect himself from criticism and opinions he did not wish to hear. There were those in the land who shouted support to him, for they too feared being faced with uncomfortable truths.

And so the shouting and the wind both grew louder, and the very fibre of the land twisted and knotted onto itself. They say a sharp blade will one day arrive to cut the darkness, and let the light heal the land; others say all that will remain as it is, a bloody mess.

Still others say this is a tale too terrible to tell, while those that mock claim this a poor fable that belongs in a comic-book. Perhaps, both these opinions are true.


Implied Space: Neurasthenic Dysphoric Postcards

Neurasthenia Penny Postcard

~ I’ve seen the lighthouse on the shore,

heart’s at the bottom of the silver sea –

Life takes it out of you.


Neurasthenia – first diagnosis as early as 1829

– label: a mechanical weakness of the nerves

– major diagnosis in North America during the late nineteenth

– a condition


Fatigue anxiety headache.

Heart palpitations.

High blood pressure.

Neuralgia & depressed

mood/bowl movement.


– associated with farm wives made sick

by isolation & a lack of engaging activity

connected to busy society women


overworked businessmen.

– Americans particularly prone to neurasthenia/Americanitis


I think one of the problems is that there are many believers in Christianity, and other religions, who never have any kind of experience that could be called mystical/direct contact with the Divine Other. For them, religious practice is a mix of ethical actions & formal religious behaviour. They have belief & faith in their chosen Belief System without any evidence.


Now one could get into a complex discussion based on metaphysics, religion, philosophy, psychology, neurology, sociology, or any combination of these. What remains is there is a divide within all religious communities between those who do & don’t have this type of experience.

For some, this lack leaves them satisfied & undeterred in their faith/belief, others blame themselves, others may eventually give up the faith/belief looking for answers in another denomination, religion, or philosophy. Of those who continue happily without the experience may find those claiming such an experience as suspect, either delusional or worse, frauds trying to take advantage of the gullible .


Dysphoric Penny Postcard

~ I’ve seen the games

played around the curved hill,

heartbreaking breezes have words –

most important thoughts,

fluttering wings

cry for certainty.