Asemic Postcard 105

Governor DeSantis ~

A few observations based on recent events ~ I wonder if the floor is raging every day – the heterosporous tatter is getting dirty, but even though I derail it claustrophobicly, by day’s end, it thins with ire. It has not been so rage-worn for years, so many troubles have accumulated – maybe a ruffianly feathered misfeasor will take flight at penumbra. It looks like a chamferer moth wing to clean the room is needed. Alas, it will go Garbo, like a slow fire burning in staccato. By the way, I think the sawed flesh has also fallen, an unsubstantiated chasm.

Two birds with one stone ~

an unsearchable spireme.

~ Mistress Manatee of The Alluvial Plain & the Higher Realities


Note: The absurdist prose poem actually began as a translation of a Tweet from a Japanese photographer.  I think it was about cleaning floors & polishing them with a cloth. I may be wrong, Google Translate seemed to have problems with idiomatic expression.

Using a random word generator, and a few phrases grabbed from some online articles, I reconstructed the passage.  When considering the recipient of this absurdist  missive, current events in part of America came to mind.

Take care and stay safe – try not to overheat your brain when perusing the news.

collage 13

More is the whole than a part: but half is more than the whole:

Clearly, The soul is the body: but is not the body the soul?


One and two are not one: but one and nothing is two:

Truth can hardly be false, if falsehood cannot be true.


Once the mastodon was: pterodactyls were common as cocks:

Then mammoth was God: now is He a prize Ox.


Parallel all things are: yet many of these are askew:

You are certainly I: but certainly I am not you.



from:  The Higher Pantheism in a Nutshell

 by Swinburne, Algernon Charles   1870


Asemic Postcards 39 & 41 – sharing experiences

Waiting for the amp in the squatter –
It was a sleep inning.

The flower petals

were singing,

even tho’ the gardens were empty.



Lockdown – a perverse brass band

playing on an onion computer,

accidental parliament impalement package.



Could have been a contender –

barroom bazookas slip out the door,

what we have is a failure to communicate –

static of the soul & the heart,

unconfirmed cockroach,

clambering cacophony in cabinets.


I’m speeding-up > ignorant tweets<

so I could be suffering dolorous figments.
Had my foreground tag forested –
a trickling resentment,

just a low priced fickle gatekeeper.


~portability probability potential~

-revealed exp. stairs’ spider dread *
Their confusion and the arrival of gossip

were me – inevitable pushing.

Bicycle woods, blame the cobbler’s grief,

forget stereophonic demands –

here comes democracy

wearing a face-mask.