Dadaist Collage Prose Poems: Mastodon Sequence

As an experiment in both Mass Media Principles and creative writing constraints, I have been composing Dadaist Collage Poems within the limitations of Mastodon Toots(text-posts). A Tweet has a character limit of 280 – which works well with micropoetry, such as haiku, senryu, and tanka. A Mastodon Toot has a 500-character limit, which allowing for hashtags provides for a longer composition.

Each Mass Medium has its own set of codes and conventions. When you choose to create within that medium those codes and conventions become an implied space that provides both possibilities and limitations to the creative process.  The number of characters constrains the word choice, as does the choice whether to include hashtags. Also, the layout of the  public post is slightly different from how it appears on the shared Timelines of the users’ accounts – in effect, creating different visual configurations for different target audience.

****NOTE: Images used in this blog post were from the shared Timeline Toots. Click HERE to see them on my public site.

The text for the poems was acquired from a Random Word Generator and bits of word and phrases from an assortment of online articles. They were then processed and edited within the constraints of the Mastodon character limit. So far, I have composed three of these Mastodon Dadaist collage prose poems.





Implied Space: The Fediverse


 I have entered the Fediverse, and started an account on Mastodon – @JPK_elmediat@Mastodon.Art .

For more information on the Fediverse, and my motivation, observations, and experience in establishing the account, see the post, To Mastodon, the Fediverse, and Beyond!  on my Media Literacy blog.

Those of you with Twitter accounts, should check this  out. Anyone interested in Media Literacy, social media platforms such as blogs & Twitter, and the impact of social media on changing cultural norms and social issues, will find the post’s information of value.

storage space reprieve – matrix’s April Fool


Clarification of the changes in the WordPress Storage Space has come. Thanks again to carabeinsplash for tracking down the information:

I found more information in the Help Forum. Some people went directly to the source a lot quicker than me. Apparently, the 500Mb storage is for NEW sites. “Legacy” sites i.e. sites active before the storage change will keep their 3GB storage. They say the labelling of 500Mb restriction on our legacy sites is a bug that they’re working on.
Now, they’re only offering ONE paid plan (Pro) which will be $15/month which is $180/year. I don’t know if this only affects new sites or all sites.

So to sum up, WordPress instituted a change just before April Fool’s Day, that is part of a retooling of the pricing and media library storage space – no advanced notification to users. Not all elements are in place and a glitch caused long time & recent users to discover that their storage space has been maxed-out, but it wasn’t. Also new users will find that they can still exceed the max number.

Well, I wasn’t too stressed. JPK


storage space

I have just discovered that WordPress has reduced free storage space from 3 GB to 0.5 GB . I have no idea what that means for my blogs and all earlier content. They may simply block some pages or arbitrarily choose to delete old content. I knew this was ephemeral media, but was not anticipating this change. I may just let them sit and give up posting.

There is a plan for $4 a month and that has 6GB of memory.

Looks like the end of the line.