A Noir Surreal Thursday: Philosophical Ponderings


Can a sundry misrepresent a spectacular?

 – In the grain responds the spray.


How will an incomprehensible track originate below a bread rise?

– Each dot mends taxonomic vectors in the void of vexation!


The centred pizza disappears without the shortest entrance the graffito advertise cumulonimbus conundrums in receding enigmas.

The monochrome precedent trips throughout an affect, outside the rarest road rises before the replicating radiant meiosis .

Peculiarly placed pyrites’ liaison smokes the concerned tree. A race coughs on top of its bare silence.



The engine pants behind a detached miracle as the chopped approval toes the line. However, a harsh prerequisite trips beneath this trembling taxi taxonomy.

  whisper in despair’s ear – emotional Noblesse oblige

A fuse walks unprovoked outside a praised parasol’s panicked parable. Remember, even garish galoshes can save limes !

A magnetic void dictates after the glory. A theft stocks a surface rainbow as The Lady washes next to a sulkier calibration bump – mixes public investment with a culture wars.

This has a higher magnitude of meandering than flamingo filaments flying in a fogged fancy – ballroom etiquette is no excuse for empty platitudes at the  sub-molecular in medias res indeterminacy construction.



I am he – bleak fields are asleep,

My heart alone wakes;

I wonder – things beneath are not yet stirring,

While doors close gently,

there is silence in the chimneys.



I hear multimedia.

I see Door of Becoming.

I want nontoxic oppressiveness.

I am dissimulating fusee.


I pretend, nontoxic oppressiveness.

I feel dissimulating fusee.

I touch Door of Becoming.

I worry multimedia.

I cry gently – and there is silence in the chimneys.

I am – these bleak fields are asleep,

My heart alone.


I understand these bleak fields are asleep –

My heart alone.

I say sky gently and there is silence in the chimneys.

I dream multimedia.

I try Door of Becoming.

I hope – dissimulating fusee.

I am existentialist cowshed.

This Dada Poem was composed using the online poetry generator, I-am-poem . I found this generator by way of the post, Galaxy Girl. There are links to several poetry generators found on this post. Galaxy Girl was prompted by Linda Lee Lyberg’s post, Poetics: Surrealism in Poetry.


I selected words to use in the I-am-poem using: the Random Word Generator, words lifted from news articles, and some lines/words from three poems. “Door of Becoming” comes from Darren Thomas’s poem, Knock on the Door of Becoming.  The lines,

The bleak fields are asleep,
My heart alone wakes;

are from the poem, Evening, by Rainer Maria Rilke (Translator- Jessie Lamont). Rilke’s poem, Presaging, provided the lines,

things beneath are not yet stirring,

While doors close gently,

there is silence in the chimneys.

– More on Rainer Maria Rilke.

The collages, I am a Dadaist Poem 1 & 2, were created using scanned collages composed of pages/ads from Wired Magazine.

asemic snapshot 122

A camera obscura (plural camerae obscurae or camera obscuras, from Latin camera obscūra, “dark chamber”) is a darkened room with a small hole or lens at one side through which an image is projected onto a wall or table opposite the hole.

Before the term camera obscura was first used in 1604, other terms were used to refer to the devices: cubiculum obscurum, cubiculum tenebricosum, conclave obscurum, and locus obscurus

asemic experiment 2 – corrosion


Blended 2 scanned collages, and then applied solarization effect to create these asemic compositions. A bit of lettering is still visible, but the lines end up becoming their own language – or are they creating an implied space to fill with meaning.

The corroded quality resembles some of my oven pan abstract compositions, though none were used in the digital collage blending.