Last Surreal Thursday of 2022

Another number is that, stacking. Is that, stacking? His door was Another Number – opened. Another Number opened. Opened soon after stacking, Another Number – about the table were drawn seven appetites. Drawn seven appetites.

It took me quite some time, but I finally drew a blank.

Heavy events stacked by other factors. By other factors. By other factors. By other factors, Another Number opened. Daybreak is creeping through Another Number now opened. Another Number opened – a crying river overthrown. A crying river overthrown. Sand over the thrown furniture was Another Number stacking. Was That, stacking?

It is now time for a commercial break.

 Now back to our show.

I have cooked the onions for the chicken. I can smell the signature! A distraught woman in her car reports the death of a client. Appetizing. A goldfish helps the religion. A goldfish helps the religion. Now watch this footage.

Another hole opened and flowed like a stormy river. This is Kawatani. Another peculiarity is the accumulation of sand on discarded furniture. Appetizing.

Women wear short hair because long hair symbolizes ritual among other things. There are other reasons. There are other reasons. Different numbers were released for different reasons.

The animation was moved later. It used the space bar to combine the animations and multiplied the water, so it slowly returned to the faucet. On the floor is a magical symbol inspired by a dream the Oneironaut told him. The ape tied his knot and changed his mouth about 50 times during its typical journey in late December.

What if Wednesday: a potpourri



In response to a joke post on Mastodon, I used Dream (Generative Art AI) by Wombo. The prompt was “Minions making  Boomer Memes“. Style was RetroFuturism. My input picture was Asemic Christmas Card. Did some  Digital Art modification afterwards.

Note: I have a post on Password Security on my Media Literacy blog.

this way walks The Smiler 2

This way walks The Smiler ~

Stopping an unknown woman conforms to precedent;

Who is the stalker here ?


In dreams, you are served

Scarlet pie, the musty memory

that smiles in the nose,

like cynical snow.


The sleep of grinning shadows

Go – go distances.

Racing heart fatigued, breaks

at The Crossroads of The Moon,

Thinking spiritual ore there.


Too soon that grinning glint

reveals to fleeing heartbeats

the mistake therein.


Only a smile is left,

fading –

like a heavy frost.