Reading Her Face 2 – No one pays Attention to the old




Phantasm Photos: 1-4



Over the years the phantasm has been photographed . While changing photographic methods captured impressions of the entity to varying levels of success, there remains evidence of some features being consistent. This gives hope that one day a better understanding of the phenomena will be achieved. It is unfortunate about the photographers though, quite curious,….. Makes it rather difficult to get photographers willing to participate in research.

Antique Diner Sign on the Ghost Highway


Took these shots on the Ghost Highway – the tango music played on the radio. Eyes drifted along the tree line – the sign proclaimed the memory of another dead Diner offering an unforgettable meal . Funny, I thought this old camera was out of film, then again, can not recall the last stop. I’ll pull in up ahead and check for directions, and a bite.