asemic postcard 106

The volcano’s eruption –
Home to such large lava, densely,
Plants and billowing.

Not between home – erupting
Into that large agony.



Oh! Rear entirety –

formed side, each on oven, iron

– another with fireplace, massive,

motionless stood stone, grinding large.


that evidence gave pots –

mixing stone and cauldrons copper

– big now.


nostrils, his touched air,

stale-stone, damp of smell,




Asemic Tarot 12 : Rosetta Telegraphic Smile

Cat chases Dog on

Rosetta Telegraphic

Smile – night laughter simile.


…..’tis like someone’s dancing soul

in a green bottle of joy.


Pour out your negativity on a nihilist’s bed of rusty nails – it is just a tuna fish sandwich of Fate calling from the Defunct Department Store’s Christmas Catalogue, all jam-packed with cantaloupe calliopes & prequels to four cicada cylinders……. haven of a clitellar of well wishing whale harpoons wandering through walls of discontented marginalized memories of marmalade mediocrity to the melody of forty second street ghosts on petulant parade; how like an agony of aunts in angst accoutrements agitating for a cogitating contagion of conjunctions to forgive superlative nations incoronate deleading goodly designated evenings. You have fits of wellington warbles by the window of plenitude, the consolation constellations & marbleized verbiage pour over the eaves of verisimilitude.


As the hippo has wings

for harlequin masques,

The cracker pie is baking

in the overture of your heart –

hi-ho hi-ho,

let the rain go,

let the rain go.

Asemic Tarot Cards 5 & 6

Asemic Tarot Cards 5 & 6

a quasi-temporal non-euclidean interpretation of stasis ventilating

Asemic Tarot 5 – Tectonic plates Aczan-Nacht yzr2ca

super^(ᐱᒃ &% }ᐅᒃ

lexicographers allowed oddities and archaisms

tessellations triumphant tectonic trembling tagliatelle tailwind-sloth-song tailoring tabular tabor-tabernacle taboo-tactician-phoneme taciturn tainted tabloidish tannin-tankard tangential #mingish~

nonlinear rack –

contrarian clouds crafted,

demonstrate freedom .

Asemic Tarot 6 – Okhotsk Eye Lashormage-Kuril-Kamcatka

There is sex in that land, and one is always aware of it.

Fore*/$#biddenQ ᐅᒃ`%W

Ocular octopus oracle essential eye fundamentally simulacrum simile mandrel elementalishly funicular function fuddles pond puddle fuchsia fillimentarian gash gellitained lowdown lozenge overall orthographical opium fire optimum obsequiesish safari occluded occupant observation

One only boils fogs-

cafe Latino laundry,

composed lyric ghost

stands in the lane eyeing stars,

white dogs sing to clouded moon.