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The Radio Star Video Killed with a Tablet – The Happy Wall

The Radio Star Video Killed with a Tablet - The Happy Wall

Mass Media consumes other Mass Media, incorporating the medium & the medium’s content into itself.

This process and its product is call Neco-Media.

Dance like IT is not 1978 !

Video Killed the Radio Star



Song !!!

Written by

Trevor Horn,

Geoff Downes


Bruce Woolley




Watch Your Self



The Happy Wall !

“Video”‘s theme was promotion of technology while worrying about its effects. This song relates to concerns about mixed attitudes towards 20th-century inventions and machines for the media arts. {Source Link }


the song performs like

an Ex……Tend…….e(a)d   Jing……….Le

It’s the Real Thing !

Double your pleasure, Double your fun

in the key of D-flat major

at the Inn Common Time 


at a Tempo

(This is not an office worker You can take for granted.)



beats per minute

The Taste is Gonna Move You!

Just Take the Tablet

( Fizz, Fizz,  Oh What a Relief It Is )


Look at The Happy Wall !


CSI: Cyber Is an Incoherent Techno-Paranoid Diaper (In a Good Way) – Finding Poetry Amongst The Comments

CSI: Cyber Is an Incoherent Techno-Paranoid Diaper

(In a Good Way)

Finding Poetry

Amongst The Comments,

Jade Bytes,

Marbles &  Echoes of Laughter.

Click for link

Mass Media constructs a Reality.

Mass Media has intended Target Audiences.



.…..likely to be remarkably popular among the elderly, and

comforting for a certain set of people.

…………It’s all insanely convoluted,



gloriously unrealistic,

but the least realistic aspect


the Supertroop of Cyber-Investigators 

who are………

On The Case !


It’s not comforting for actual babies, ……..

The first episode  is basically a paean to creative ways to snatch lil guys using the internet. (Source linked above)


Mass Media contains values, beliefs & ideologies.  

from the List of Mass Media Principles


The Beek! Tweet Tweet.

Cyber Threat Operations Centre!

What is in the hole of the doughnut ?


Neck beard!

They called the barber to the accident site quickly – so many cables and wiry tangled threads.

Nicely run cabling – it was like a bird in the rafters of my mind.



You can not have your cake and eat it on the train to thought.

Correct use of RAT malware, I think – Therefore I am.


They need to get Maury here, stat!

The statistician was summoned immediately.

He brought his friends.


FriendAgenda instead of Facebook. What a lame name game for the pigeon of the week.

Corporate branding sears the mind.

Higher ground, really? Really? Only when the clouds do the tango of remorse and solitude.

Be not afraid, follow the stream of your hopes and dreams…………

Yeah, you can totally keep up with a dude on a motor bike… if you have appropriate software.

Push Now – An online baby auction? I’m sure it would be cheaper

cheep, cheep the little birds crying

to adopt from Russia or …….. some other former Soviet country

be the first on your bloc to own one today

the communist state has evolved into 21st century consuming –

the Proletariat become the Product.

Bird seed litters the pavement, a gathering crowd.

Yeah, like you could analyze the code that quickly. The stream would run past the old school house and the children would sail their dreams down stream……..

Laughter rambling and splashing.


Just Voice Activated Holograms!

One day the stream went dry and the birds flew beyond the blue mountains, …………. before the system was upgraded.

That’s a terrible password, a river ran through it.

Well, that’s a convenient word pond.

Not all water flows down stream.

Thoughts dwell in solitude.

Good thing he had all those years to tool around a creek to practice his swimming.



Down into the sea of the unconsciousness,

like a tractor left in a submerged field of long forgotten furrows

–  a phantasmagorical engine pulling jade bytes to the surface.

Bright green stones among marbles & yesterday’s dinky toys,

…….. echoes of laughter.


Inspired & prompted by the comments of VortexofSuck

“CSI is horrible. As a prosecutor, I routinely have to fix unrealistic expectations about what my crime lab can and cannot do, all thanks to “scientific” crime procedurals like CSI where magic machines wrap up crimes in less than 24 hours doing complicated tests that in a lot of cases aren’t real, but in some cases (in reality) take days, if not weeks, and don’t provide the level of certainty that they do on television. Television and the media has done us a solid in making sure everyone has a rudimentary-as-hell understanding of DNA, but now everyone expects it on every case, just as they expect us to be able to lift fingerprints off of every possible surface. I wish it would just go away.”

– Source http://ryanln.kinja.com/