Collages of Implied Space: 1-3


Process: After creating a series of collages on the scanner bed , I further blended and manipulated the pieces digitally. Collages are an excellent example of Necro-media. This is the Mass Media Principle that  a medium can be consumed by another medium and turned into Media content.

Collage in particular takes advantage of context, constructed reality ,and implied space to deconstruct meaning and social expectations.  For this reason it was a very effective tool/technique of the Dadaists movement .


Mantiwong Directions

The Township of Assiginack is located on the eastern portion of Manitoulin Island.The main community, Manitowaning (the first European settlement on Manitoulin Island), is nestled in a picturesque bay.

Manitowaning offers a diverse number of attractions and unique landmarks including; the Assiginack Arena and Fair Grounds (with public tennis courts and ball diamond), Bay Street Marina (offering access to the North Channel and Great Lakes), an original lighthouse still in operation (built in 1878), the Rainbow Ridge Golf Course, swimming beaches and playgrounds, McLeans park that has year round access for hiking, biking snowshoeing and cross country skiing, St. Paul’s Anglican Church (the oldest Anglican church in Northern Ontario), Museum exhibit building with an adjacent original blacksmith shop, authentic log home and early century school house.

Located along Highway 6 on the south eastern shore of Manitoulin, Manitowaning was founded in 1836 as a centre of education for the Island’s First Nations people. This quaint town, which boasts a population of about 900, is part of the Assiginack Township, which encompasses Bass Creek, Bidwell, Clover Valley, Eagles Nest, Hilly Grove, The Slash, Squirrel Town, and Vanzant’s Point. Manitowaning is home to the well known De-Ba-Jeh-Mu-Jig Theatre group as well as the famous S.S. Norisle, which remains permanently docked in the harbour as a tourist attraction. The town and its surrounding areas have a grocery store, restaurants, a pharmacy, a bank, a medical clinic, resorts, a golf course, B&Bs, several campgrounds, a licensing depot, a motel, and other retail stores. It is the last stop en route to Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve, and is home to the famous “Summer fest” festival held in July. This event features a “smash-up derby” and many other activities that are fun for the whole family.



Wearing out shoes in my sleep


Wearing out shoes in my sleep,

I walk along the right angled

curvature of implied spaces.


Stopping to smell the roses,

their bushes have dog biscuits for leaves –

the thorns, are the mourning dove’s call.

Knotty cabbages –

such fine billows bugle outward,

petrified olives.


Feathers fall slowly,

turn to grains of sand, bleeding –

trombones’ sleeping eyes .


Saltation ‘s shoreline –

glass harpsichord’s kiss slips by,

jellyfish rumba .

Whispering willows –

tooth paste tap dancer steps out,

coral cormorant .


Lounging out the door –

now creep pages without words,

peckish cranky oust.


Wings of cow dung hit –

a lento, cavalier stars,

a corpuscle of soil –

sandwiched between fast seconds,

soles slide past boughs of strange sheep .


Be prepared for sharp turn ahead –

watch for falling molluscs & steam tractors,

summon superlative hexagons,

small blacksmith artifacts.



Old Woman Moon laughs

as the bridge spins platitudes of pudding.

The hive is now full of tranquil ditties

sharpened on spider silk.

Finally, defoliate whine glasses

as the silence seeps into the toes.


NOTE: All images are from my archive on Dark Pines Photo. Clicking images will take you to original posts (opens in new tab).  Stanzas are a mix of free verse, haiku, and tanka.  Many thanks.