sleeping in a dictionary

In insomnia’s night, the dark tosses and turns over wide-eyed sheets – the bedside light is turning over the big dictionary –


the unabridged bulk is clutching antonyms of sleep, flipping through pages of undefined dreams, encountering retinas of meaning staring at the back of the skull –


brain-sparks skitter across the pathways, jumping crickets with accented syllables seek the entomology of rapid-eye-movement –


the marching metaphor bands loudly cross the dense lexicon of lucid somnambulists, echoing in the book’s binding, the patter of dead parrots, clinging to the holes in a starless sky,  –


a retinue of offered broken rhyme looks for reason in a landscape of fragmenting ellipsis-


punctuated particlized phonemes impede meandering morphemes seeking symbolization in a cacophony of parable, the allegory flickering in the upper corners of the room is stuck in cobwebs of air and eyelids-

turn the page.


Collage prose poem derived from:

Sleeping with the Dictionary