Asemic Naturalist: Sketchbook Pages

After travelling to the exotic lands that reside Beyond the Borders of The Dreamlands at the edges of the Pages of Imagination , the Asemic Naturalist looks through Memories Sketchbook, cleaning the Corners with Creative Curves and Shades. A Map of Figurative Lines and Metaphorical Letters grows and charts the journey that has been taken, showing the way to New Ventures sailing on the horizon.


These compositions incorporate some quick production preparation sketches done my wife for  Elliot Lake’s Roundabout Exceptional Puppeteers.  The group was setup by her to provide our local Special Needs community with a  creative & performing arts outlet.  This season’s  performances include familiar characters from popular media culture. Find out more at  their Blog and on their Facebook page.





from exotic lands

 dreamers return, cling to sights –

on stage rare visions. 

Bill Hicks’s clone is alive: An Implied Space

Bill Hicks‘s clone is alive

(a radio/YouTube Truth Seller)

The Ontario Canada Connection

(not Grimsby – See War of 1812)

makes you question

“The Official Laws”


Why Blind River ?”




water runs downward –

catching thoughts splashing upwards,

rocks of doubt now smooth.



Ukraine looks to Canada –

Help –

Modernize Military’s ‘Soviet Mentality!”

Now – just

Consider Crimea & The Spanish Netherlands

Can it be anymore Obvious ?!!

Look at the coastline.

False Flag 1DF !

Distant lands call out

the very thought of you now –

remember me please.

Bill Hicks’s clone believes

he is reincarnated –

Isabella Clara Eugenia.



remembrance of things,

past knowing eyes, many names –

multiple faces.



But who is Alex Rosencrantz G. Jones, really ?

A Performance artist & Existentialist Playwright.

( Eugène Ionesco psychodrama by way of Bio-engineering)

Excerpt from his Most Recent Work:

Lines from a-n on/going Campai(g)n[e]

( Staged Scenes in Free Verse )

Alas, I can not rotate,

distance still equal to zero.

It depicts the Solitude & the Insignificance;

Off Human Existence,

steps Truth in a tangible way. – The President


Letters & small dogs,

it’s like the Hò Hao Oho. – The Attorney General

Walking in summer sunshine,

a white-washed provincial village,

under intense blue sky,

pebbles caught between my toes

like alternative Fractal Factuals. – The Chesterfield Counsellor


I have been a surrogate,

at The Thyme Oar Two,

Oh, that rowing campaign.

I did not have communion

with The Spanish Netherlands,

while getting out the boat. – The Attorney General


The Thyme Oar Two,

excellent drinks,

the dancers wore out


Communion –

I am not a believer.  – The Slavic Ambassador

To stay where she is fýgar,

immigration powers ply the pylons.

In Calais the children

skip stones across the water.

Pipe Marches to the beat

of the Various Rich,

as the Interior sleeps

the way of the previous thrush. – The President

  Shocking. – The Chesterfield Counsellor

Criminal. – The Slavic Ambassador


Conspiracy. – The Attorney General

So sad. – The Public’s Persona

I laughed when you said,

you were leaving.

It never entered my mind. – The President


There are seven days in a week. – The Public’s Persona 


The ceiling is up. – The Chesterfield Counsellor


The floor is down . – The Attorney General


 I have several children. – The President


I have several children. – The Attorney General

I have several children.  – Unnamed Actor who looks like President


I have several children.The Slavic Ambassador 


All stupefying,

as they are All,

so indisputably True.

Who knew it was so complicated ? – The President


Let me check my phone.

I am getting my origami

confused with cross stitch. – The Chesterfield Counsellor


Theatre that invokes

an imaginative Truth

expels false facts

fogging facile faculties,

greatly held units,

and /or property of Hama. – Unnamed Actor who looks like President

People crack.

Make your removed I

by extension as

an extensive frozen field/forest

trekking away.

Footprints white/blank

filling up with hope/fear. – The Public’s Persona


You look like the man. – The President


What man ? – Unnamed Actor who looks like President


You do. – The President

Hoodoo ? – The Public’s Persona

Fidus Achates” – the Prompter.

We all know that line, but which character says it ? – UFO Janitor.

Characters exit to applause. After applause ends and all is silent, the Audience then enters and takes their seats. 










To a Fair lady Amongst Flowers



To a Fair Lady, Playing With a Snake

Strange! that such horror and such grace
Should dwell together in one place;
A fury’s arm, an angel’s face!

’Tis innocence and youth which makes
In Chloris’ fancy such mistakes
To start at love, and play with snakes.

By this and by her coldness barr’d,
Her servants have a task too hard:
The tyrant has a double guard!

Thrice happy snake! that in her sleeve
May boldly creep; we dare not give
Our thoughts so unconfin’d a leave.

Contented in that nest of snow
He lies, as he his bliss did know
And ’to the wood no more would go.

Take heed, fair Eve! you do not make
Another tempter of the Snake:
A marble one so warm’d would speak.

Edmund Waller, 1606-1687

Digital image created using source image of  Ophelia ( 1889 oil painting by John William Waterhouse  ).

Grand Guignol: Asemic Advertisements




 Here are Asemic Advertisements for  the Grand Guignol.  They proclaim the emotional breakdown and horrific physical destruction of  language & meaning in a world where opinion outweighs factual reporting – messages that are post factual / counter informative. The truth is turned upside down and twisted into layers of emotional beliefs that distort the fabric of public discourse.


Starting with term, Grand Guignol, and  incorporating translated lines of a description of the Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol,  text was digitally modified and layered. One method of modification  is to take one letter in a stylized font and then distort it by flipping / turning perspective. Another approach is use a stylized font with another language that does not have a wide recognition. Once the the words are flipped, the brain has a more difficult time assigning a semantic context, because the font and letter configuration are so unfamiliar. Of course, those familiar with the language will be able to spot some clues, but the font style combines with other distortions in shape to still act as an interference to processing.



( Music by Eubie Blake playing the Charleston Rag )

Bringing these methods together with other  mixtures of letters and words, as well as Asemic drawings that emulate the codes and conventions of a writing system, produced  visual representation of post factual / counter informative messages.  So, now step into The 21st century Grand Guignol of Social Discourse, and be horrified as you witness truth and factual arguments be butchered before your eyes.




Note: Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol : “The Theatre of the Great Puppet”)—known as the Grand Guignol—was a theatre in the Pigalle area of Paris. From its opening in 1897 until its closing in 1962, it specialized in naturalistic horror shows. Its name is often used as a general term for graphic, amoral horror entertainment, a genre popular from Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre (examples include, Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, and Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi and The White Devil), to today’s splatter films.