Writing on the Wall





The country’s censorship board said

The country’s censorship board said –

country’s most senior film psychologists, watched –

control of the human race, may cause crte

Swiftly moving acro&s ijh%f conceit ?


The country’s censorship board said –

Corny monolith-in-law spotted a large spider –

The furniture should be dusted 09^7&fore ^actinium ih*#cy

Moor thwart-wise clambering rushing beck.

The country’s censorship board said –

sesquipedalian sycophant jelly rolls slide

into madrigal meaning;

truth masticators mangle

slippery factoids in nearby

broken metaphors of forsaken freedom.


The country’s censorship board said – cutting pliers broke:

Violent scenes also r-ad the potential to -harm social peace”,

a ^Ref


The country’s censorship board said –

These are going to be darts from broken extracellular fluid.

In society, the metaphor of all sides sleep.

Unknown Espion axe exhales lethargy.

The meaning of the nails

in the abandoned peaceful dead is slipping

Off the walking delicacy of equality;

Miles of misery carried jeering curried clouds  –

was it crushed “Shiko-faghntR0%

social cirrocumulus disruption,

as seen from the shadow of Statue of Liberty?

The wolf cry country’s blue moon censorship board said –

social peace plasma walks the footsteps of a stranger.

Every dead thing named is a factual construct of belief,

why then is not everything not figuratively free ?

Truth is free – it does not resemble only one thing.


Ripples Crash Shorelines – IQ Test

I’m speaking with myself for one –

I have a very good brain.

I know the best words…….

Most people don’t know that.

Did you know that ?

Did You know that ?



My view matters. That’s the way it goes.

What goes around comes around –

it is a phrase we are going through,

spilling into awareness –

birds fluttering in a dry puddle.


A modest suggestion for an IQ test for those seeking to hold political office. IQ tests evaluate the ability to learn information and skills, and then effectively apply that learning to solve problems. For those wishing to hold political office, they should be evaluated for their intellectual ability to apply empathy and ethics when solving problems in an effective manner. The test should measure their understanding of collaboration, collateral damage, and the implied spaces that extend beyond any solution.



The test should give an accurate evaluation of the subject’s ability to formulate a plan , and efficaciously communicate both the plan and the underlying goals. The level of communication skills will indicate how well the message  is presented to a diverse audience.


Stepping into pool

The depth of ignorance grows –

ripples crash shorelines.


Note: The found poem, and their related images, spring from a series of statements ( repeated catch phrases ) made by President Trump  (See embedded links). This post combines found poetry, haibun and haiku. I have attempted to use the best words possible. Many thanks for your thoughts & interest.