good vibes


Asemic Snapshot 28

In the good old summertime

In the good old summertime

Strolling through a shady lane

With your baby mine

You hold her hand and she holds yours

And that’s a very good sign

That she’s your tootsey-wootsey

In the good, old summertime

“In the Good Old Summer Time” is an American Tin Pan Alley song first published in 1902 with music by George Evans and lyrics by Ren Shields.

the People’s voice is a very important contract

Listen – the People’s voice is a very important contract.


Good afternoon, watch.

There are many artists here.

It was the bang sound that was created,

With that small toothbrush in the country –

Truth smiles loudly.

Do not count,

if we have your poster there.

Do not hate it.


 Please do not make a sound, as we say,

“Are you asleep; it has limits.”


Do not get in the wrong way and fight a contract.