collage 13

More is the whole than a part: but half is more than the whole:

Clearly, The soul is the body: but is not the body the soul?


One and two are not one: but one and nothing is two:

Truth can hardly be false, if falsehood cannot be true.


Once the mastodon was: pterodactyls were common as cocks:

Then mammoth was God: now is He a prize Ox.


Parallel all things are: yet many of these are askew:

You are certainly I: but certainly I am not you.



from:  The Higher Pantheism in a Nutshell

 by Swinburne, Algernon Charles   1870


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collage 12

I met a lady

on a lazy street

hazel eyes

and little plush feet

her legs swam by

like lovely trout

eyes were trees

where boys leant out


hands in the dark and

a river side

round breasts rising

with the finger’s tide


she was plump as a finch

and live as a salmon

gay as silk and

proud as a Brahmin



we winked when we met

and laughed when we parted

never took time

to be brokenhearted



but no man sees

where the trout lie now

or what leans out

from the hazel bough


From the Hazel Bough ~ Earle Birney 1977