researched amongst agonized – blitz poem

lineated research notes

lineated oblivion research

research – duration of atmospheric-river

research – primarily hazardous, atmospheric-river


atmospheric-river flowing through the sky

atmospheric-river like 25 Mississippis


Mississippis burning

Mississippi’s shouldered jetty


jetty slides into the log punch

jetty lurches towards our tangent


tangent attacks the wrong cue

tangent seeks sensitivity


sensitivity slides into tango-piano analogy

sensitivity seeks reinterpretation


reinterpretation detects moral venture

reinterpretation deflects charming episodic heads


heads struggle with road-onions

heads smell under bulletins


 bulletins dream-echoed

bulletins reckon mudslides


mudslides snatch the missing

mudslides overwhelming


overwhelming helicopter buzzing

overwhelming head buzzing


buzzing buoyancy

buzzing bees


bees’ bounty

bees’ stings


stings of curated pain

stings like hot ash


ash falls far

ash kisses hot coals


coals combust

coals like fiery cordyceps


cordyceps of coagulated shadows

cordyceps converging


converging torrents

converging fears


fears unfolding

fears igniting


igniting cacophony

igniting lodestones


lodestones obtuse

lodestones agonized


agonized promulgator

agonized admission


admission of guilt






Digital animated GIFs are modified  images from news services

See: Timeline(1 week) of British Columbia flooding (CBC)

fibku: blue sky reflects



reflects –

trees and clouds –

clouds reflect on lake ~

how to drift down to those depths ?

only their tears reach.

Back in the day, when I was still teaching, I came across the poetic form based on the Fibonacci sequence, – the Fib poem (created by Greg Picus).  By itself, composing a Fib makes for an interesting cross-curricular  activity. Looking at the sequence,

1  1  2  3  5 8

I realized that you could blend it with haiku.  The easiest form would be

1  1  2  3  5  7  5 .

For this post, I went with this  sequence, staying with the more traditional topic of Nature/Environment. For more background & other Fibku sequence variations see my Dark Pines Photo Fibku Page.