Photos of uncertainty


As my series, Deconstructed Photos, draws to a close, I am starting a new series, Photos of Uncertainty.  These compositions were created using a mix of photos and scans of a variety of textures. Part of the uncertainty is that I don’t know what they will be until they are done ( then again, lots of my compositions are like that). If there is an over-riding aesthetic to these pieces, it is a suggestion of alternative photograph processes; damaged film and aged photographic materials. Is the viewer looking at a photo of something, or just damaged photographic material ? They are left to decide this for themselves, as their speculations fill in the implied space.


Note: While I did post a few Abstract Snapshots on this blog, the majority can be found HERE – DARK PINES PHOTOGRAPHY.

Abstract Tuesday: Emotional, some out, and cucumbers

There’s tight –

Emotional, some out, and cucumbers.



Museum of the scissors’ vulgar horse;

Engines and cultural contusion canopies

collide –

impinging particles of lovelorn salutations

on the brain-stem of a cornucopia mirror.

Offer place in the free articulation

of the heartfelt pantheistic brooding.


Drag the shake scrumping syllogisms;

Majorities to infinitely lexis eardrums;

An ambrosia with colloquial repository

will be forgiven;

Piano tickles that reducing rondeau.



A cut incarnate execution — gentrification orbs are concerned allegory arises — the flirtatious idiolect;

Determine brain visit and growing rhythms.

Failure museums ~

Off tap into Enhancing Land,

an aged bard slinking

with positive chrestomathy.

Not to tune the take schleps;

Herd of a coulda-shoulda drums attractions

of original gently prescribed clausula charms,

In their lazy sensibility experiences of that dramatic irony with stress.


NOTE: The Dadaist Collage poem was assembled from mangled lines of online text. The image was another attempt on my part to create a digital art piece that emulates AI generated art. I used a portion of a photo that can be found HERE.

yesterday’s ride

There is too much sand and seldom smiles in southern graves. A large old wooden stand that is regal, but not human built ~ Outside a legend rants a metaphor.  The festival descends on pedestrians. They usually have restless voices until dawn. Celebrities love the classic burnt beard bun by opting for flat-bottomed scissors. Snowy owls are often seen memorializing near the dramatic Mirabirite Mountains. Guess the numbers on the Fool’s Lakes’ Book Square – Passengers look for them and sleep upside down, but the owner’s testimony is honest. Used arthritic arithmetic rejects stamp on island damage to slow it down a bit, rain recedes as mirrors gather at the road’s edge ~ birds ascend the cloud mantle in a multitude of memories as the charged closet sounds like a trifle-tock, roads of entanglement enchant the traveller.