Do not Forget That Night’s Nostalgia

Do not forget that Night’s Nostalgia. See the cover lifted to simply reveal a bunch of people in a room.

Memory’s melange has a way with words, scenes, fragments flitting about the peripheral vision – whispered surd hints tell us there won’t be much in the way of narrative and character development.


There is a mystery of sorts, strange missives – a mystery man, but those may all be read as ciphers and masques to some grand uniting metaphor, whose avant-garde decline into an empty wellspring beguiles logic.


I wrote it when I was this phantom, yearning for sharp details, while caught in the horror of an obsessive degree of inquiry – an intuition, vague as a stained glass portrait illuminated by frost .

Before I spent a shy snigjihuff, the domain of conceptual exemplification – shadowed by footsteps, there was still more of a cautious fumbling towards an image, an artifact – summing up the accounts without exactly summing it up.

Mo ki chak nan nou ka gou kreye yon Nostalgie trè memorab – yon santiman, yon ton tanki nan mande endirèkteman. Noire pati nan jaden kite te poster palla sansasyonèl tach sou moso twal la kreyatif nan chonje ake mojo lubije.

きたのCrabs are worthy, sea stained postcards from the age of nostalgia; those that find the love of zero create a profession, one of whose aspects is the pretense of overthrowing conformity. Only the lonely know the cacophony of tears – one of whose fractals is the pretense of undermining individuality.

^%formity > flower petals floating in the cistern catechism

feathered dragons watch weary eyed –

broken moonlight moves between branches,

low moans cascade over moss covered roots


now comes

Works that each of us can taste, a very memorable nostalgia – a feeling, a tone of determined indirectness.


た&%Crows absorb the worthy souls,turning them into feathers in the age of nostalgia – those that find the love of non-geometric abstract space create a profession, one of whose aspects is the intensity of over abundance – throwing conformity into the mix, Pintura Matèrica of the Psyche.

As time has come, I continue – and, remembering the surveillance, together we still all went to the decapod of “I am”. Still, in the same way, we had a “something” rope man – you always like such qualities. We tied it to hopes and missed opportunities – sprayed it all on the wall and fastened them with Automatic Tachisme Writing – we declared we had defined Spatialism in this Age of Uncertainty.


Do not forget that Night’s Nostalgia.


1 History of 20th century Art Movement – see embedded links

2 Spanish definition of Nostalgias – taken through translation software

3 Roman Muradov on Designing Book Cover  for Norah Lange’s People in the Room

4 Nostalgias performance by Buika




Asemic Holiday Postcard


Having amplectentem eum virtutis nerveux !  Today we saw the preservation of order in disorder and of system in confusion – very елаборат, богато,  hyper-složité diagramy, které podrobně popisují všechny pohyby pentimenti nebo mysli.

Wolfgang visited his theatre during the vacation – Uning quloqlari juda katta edi va boshidan turdi. Jag kanske adopterar bort dig snart, puss!  Errukizko aberastasun hori, zu bakarrik zara? Dawb nees zaum saum cov kaus monsoon triage uas ploj tshaj plaws! Cia li hloov cov kaus poom ntawm cov nyuj tshaj nyob hauv rotundra.

As ales way,  Willibald Girke, Detectif Prive.



Asemic Snapshots 29s & 30

Perhaps it is the night time logic, or the whine of the rope getting taut , but the snapshots always look the same to him. They never change. He will attempt to take one more of the scene, just before going to empty the dishwasher.  Emptying the dishwasher does not require as much planning as filling it – it is the question of the knives. The knives bring up so many questions.

carefully framed shots-

foreground fades to horizon –

meaning flaps, recedes.