Asemic Postcards: A Conversation

Repeating the central role,
So far as it has been provided,
Enter a confidential forecast now:
ansophical conclaves concludes digestive pathos.

Wish you could be here with us.

Hide Appetizer –
Soul footwear & oven mitts finally,
in Kafkaesque Kaesura, combed their hair.

Uncle Harry was in the garden again ! LOL

ACRONYMPHOMANIA – at the corner of Maltheus & Stork Haven.

The last one looked scary, lectio difficilior. She screamed softly and jumped into the lake. When she tried to grab her arm, she filled the dwarf.

Anonimoké ?
Shake the snail !
Origin of Rose Cross Choroid –
Evidence from the test is that both events occur independently of the situation without a detailed understanding of the interaction of the three corrupt altars.

Have you heard from Jenny ?


The smell of ash bacteria … forgotten toil,

supple moments, like the frog’s spirit,

sparrow wings kiss the clouds!

Great Aunt Bess will laugh at this, I’m sure.


Continuation of theoretical cardinal function,
So far, tonal foam consumption has been provided –

ambiguous amplitudes multiple like rainbow trout.

We’ll take the bus to the mountains on Monday.

Lots of pictures !

Enter a confidential forecast now:
Panic-sophia includes assimilation pot holes.

The spirit of ash smells of flexible interaction.

Conceal Apple tiers –
Psyche & Music combusted –
Beer was woven in the centre

From a modest understanding.

Heading to the Loon Lake Lodge tomorrow.


NOTE on Sources/Inspiration

Charlie Zero the Poet

Dancers in the Dark by Dorothy Speare

Online Etymological Dictionary

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, by Ludwig Wittgenstein