When is Art  – Art ?

Being there is the problem – just be without there.

Why is the question greater than the pause ?

When is it time for imminent to end ?

The poem is structure – the meaning is Amorphous.

Communication is shaped by meaning – the message is shaped by Context.

Sending the message does not correspond to its purpose.

Threading the needle does not convey the metaphor – reality is not constrained by Perception or Allusions.

The making of the Thing is the Thing – conceptual making is the message without constraints.

Is this a poem ?

Guess – how do I read this picture ?


how do I read this face? – broken cubomania pieces of mass media consumption fragmented into appeals desires longings pleas claims values beliefs ideologies cut corners unevenly joined to context and meaning – the gaze the look glamour bewitchment bamboozled by beauty created with magical make-up artistry in light & shadow in the photographer’s lens digitally transformed a kiss from lips revealed cleavage leaves you guessing connecting the dots filling the squares looking for clues circling the words that you try to read between the lines of uncertainty