software learns to visualize implied space

I’ve found a new tool for exploring implied space – a machine learning algorithm that attempts to translate text into a generated image. The outcome that it creates can be surreal Dadaist compositions.

The implied space, where interpreting language as a visual construct, is filled with unexpected interpretations. The combined context of words with the image creates a new meaning, that is an open ended message.  It can be a tool for research, art, or social commentary.




Sources articles & online software.

This AI is bad at drawing but will try anyways.

Turning your words into surreal nightmares or gentle dreams?

Try it  HERE


8 thoughts on “software learns to visualize implied space

    1. elmediat

      This is a great creative tool. In a way it is glitch art. Hope you saved the creations for posting. An easy way to screen capture is to use the print screen key on the key board. It saves the screen image in the clipboard & you open it in your imaging software.
      Tweeted the blog post & some images. Found web-applet creator, Cris Valenzuela @c_valenzuelab, on Twitter.

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