Asemic poem -chaotic lines 1

Created using a number of online text, including “Elements of Arithmetic”  1830 by Augustus De Morgansource  Project Gutenberg.

In abandoning the meanings of symbols, we also abandon those of the words which describe them. Thus addition is to be, for the present, a sound void of sense. It is a mode of combination represented by + {\displaystyle +} ; when + {\displaystyle +} receives its meaning, so also will the word addition. It is most important that the student should bear in mind that, with one exception, no word nor sign of arithmetic or algebra has one atom of meaning throughout this chapter, the object of which is symbols, and their laws of combination, giving a symbolic algebra which may hereafter become the grammar of a hundred distinct significant algebras. If any one were to assert that + {\displaystyle +} and − {\displaystyle -} might mean reward and punishment, and A {\displaystyle A} , B {\displaystyle B} , C {\displaystyle C} , etc. might stand for virtues and vices, the reader might believe him, or contradict him, as he pleases—but not out of this chapter.


2 thoughts on “Asemic poem -chaotic lines 1

  1. You’re messing with our heads again, aren’t you? I’ve warned you about this before, do it again and I shan’t be answerable for my actions.

    Sounds void of sense? Carroll warned us that if we take care of the sense the sounds will look after themselves. You’ve just turned that dictum on its head, meaning it’s now mutcid.

    I’ll never trust another word you say. You’ll be hearing from my reywal.

    1. elmediat

      😀 The last passage is from Morgan’s volume on Trigonometry and Double Algebra, Book II, Chapter II. I will save his question, “How can the sound paradoxer be distinguished from the false paradoxer?”, for other poems in this series. 🙂

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