when the bell rang

The Memoir of Dadaist Detective

– Case 0a1 –



Studies show that people are not having saxophones installed –

from the Archive of The Forum for Being.


He rings the bell and explodes like a star –

He saw a large dying red star in real time – the pianist and the viola maker were surprised to see a lot of light from the star before it exploded in a fiery exposition of existence, a snail~shell turbulence.



A turtle sings,

a very bright star

expels memories-

along a development of pine trees and harnesses,

a collaboration of delicate dance~steps deferred,

which pathway now –

He studied and died,

Seen from miles away.

Use the same patience.




The strongest sousaphone I have ever had, exploded like a star at the edge of a black hole in a knitting circle – a cicada sonnet.

( see Reddit – Stellar Sousaphone thread)



Agenda –

How to sleep:

It takes more than a note to capture

lucid butterflies.



Eyewitness : The wonderful personality I had with the Matador Doormats – a quagmire of questions circling the purple enigma shades. It was fun at the time, before the poodle ripped the pillow open, stuffing everywhere, a cacophony of expelled foam pieces covered the bed – even a Sumo wrestler would have cried with a cha-cha grin.



viscosity is Genuine,

every time it rains –





Soap temperature is for relaxation or a good table –

many focus on the damage caused by the blast; remnants of previous lives have also been recovered. So many were lost when the bell rang.

NOTE: 1) The metaphysical layers of the music of Matador Doormats can only be experienced  in a live performance. Any recordings lack the subtle nuances, and could upset the mental health of some listeners.  2)  For Asemic Tarot insight into Case 0a1, please click large animated GIF.


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