storage space reprieve – matrix’s April Fool


Clarification of the changes in the WordPress Storage Space has come. Thanks again to carabeinsplash for tracking down the information:

I found more information in the Help Forum. Some people went directly to the source a lot quicker than me. Apparently, the 500Mb storage is for NEW sites. “Legacy” sites i.e. sites active before the storage change will keep their 3GB storage. They say the labelling of 500Mb restriction on our legacy sites is a bug that they’re working on.
Now, they’re only offering ONE paid plan (Pro) which will be $15/month which is $180/year. I don’t know if this only affects new sites or all sites.

So to sum up, WordPress instituted a change just before April Fool’s Day, that is part of a retooling of the pricing and media library storage space – no advanced notification to users. Not all elements are in place and a glitch caused long time & recent users to discover that their storage space has been maxed-out, but it wasn’t. Also new users will find that they can still exceed the max number.

Well, I wasn’t too stressed. JPK


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