Asemic Tarot 17: Coincidence & Implied Spaces

Carl Jung:

Man’s task is to become conscious

of the contents

that press upward from the unconscious.


xc|/< They have them from him –

Discovered some,

Expressed how much.


Carries lichen logic in the words found in its fragments –


God graunt hem heven-blis to mede

That herken to mi romaunce rede

All of a gentil knight;

The best bodi he was at nede

That ever might bistriden stede

And freest founde in fight.

The word of him ful wide it ran

Over al this warld the priis he wan,

As man most of might.

Balder bern was non in bi,

His name was hoten Sir Gii

Of Warwike wise and wight.******


In a psychic hypothesis, consciousness autonomy,

that She together, may seem of The Lake.

Secondly, no more cases, in relation to The Sand-shadows, to confess. They are autonomous frozen equals.

That I should have intellectual pathways to certainty, but once through dreams & memories, in possession of such certainty, it vanishes.


Morning fades into mid-day;

The old man dimly remembers

the skin he wore once.


Some Characteristics:








Both evening & shoreline, being the analog, could be found in the discovered – it can only be given with sincerity from the heart.


Archetypal unconscious archetypes:

to be equivalent number in

or a combination of such subtle numbers

watch some pre-existing house

special” numbers arise from the first bones


Darkest artifacts are in gifted archaeology.


More: invented ideals, when perceived midst the blood-wort, then by being found structures, they would manifest.


We put thirty spokes together and call it a wheel; But it is on the space where there is nothing that the utility of the wheel depends. We turn clay to make a vessel; But it is on the space where there is nothing that the utility of the vessel depends. We pierce doors and windows to make a house; And it is on these spaces where there is nothing that the utility of the house depends. Therefore just as we take advantage of what is, we should recognize the utility of what is not. [Ch. XL]. ― C.G. Jung, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle

Jacques Vallée:

The theory of space and time is a cultural artifact made possible by the invention of graph paper. If we had invented the digital computer before graph paper, we might have a very different theory of information today… What modern computer scientists have realized is that ordering by space and time is the worst possible way to store data…[if] we live in the associate universe of the software scientist rather than the Cartesian sequential universe of the space-time physicist, then miracles are no longer irrational events…[instead], we may be traversing incidents by association.


If you believe that the universe is a universe of ‘information’, then you should expect coincidences. You should expect, since we are an information machine – that’s what our brain is, it’s primarily an information machine and consciousness gives us the illusion of a physical world and there is an illusion of time – if this is the case, then you can expect coincidences. It’s like putting a keyword into Google or Yahoo!; you put it in and get a lot of relevant information back. That doesn’t seem strange to me because that is the way that information has been organized. Maybe the universe is the same way. If it is this way, then coincidences are nothing strange. It is just an indication that this is the way that the universe functions.

Asemic Tarot 16 – Covid19 Interpretation

Chaos: the Basic Swing,

Condensation before #)P(%

is Absolute Tooth.

^&{|< QW


it springs

from Moss


in Winter.


The “This”,

bass-line of rhythmic virus,

propels the flailing

over cultural pandemic


~ on Letters Diversity –

see no musings

were interesting.

jQb < Daguerreotype Transfusion Alliterates Astral Constructs

Compose: @b>0<M



cultural pandemic

sighs –

better inducing envy and contempt,

Road of I-woods.



Suppose cultural pandemic


Blinks at fossils,

As the death toll rises;

Aesthetic experiences

turn Zoetropean.


Implicit Bias: Black velvet infinity all around. 



After a heavy thunder storm with hail,

a cool breeze freshened

the hot city.

The dainty lace curtains in the drawing room were blowing dangerously for their gossamer threads.


Flowers, far-more far-fetched

than a tension through

Abstract Expression gestures,

arising at the same time –

whose giraffe creates graffiti

that silently is

a cultural pandemic?



Continent, each milestone

a Suprematism,

accessing the sur réalisme –

the convergence of communication.

Watch for wary cats,

especially on Wednesday afternoons.

Asemic Tarot Reading 1


Asemic Tarot Card 59 – Delving

Asemic Tarot Card 15 – Subject of the composition

Asemic Tarot Card 60 – the Power


Let’s say no more of the acronym.

The milieu among culturally

astute murmurations

arrives with the train –

a solution to this bizarre enigma

Echoes in the time isolation procedure.



Forced heterogeneous alien storks imply

a saturation of lost time and empty doorways –

seeking twisting branches and clinging ivy.



The eyes rest on widow-sills,

but the contents are dry, meaningless;

Sleep is forgotten.

A winged flight translation of a flower bird sleeping –

It’s just complicated to find memory in one go.




Asemic Tarot Card 58 -Cubomania Gaze

Tips on feeding the Gazing Forest.

Mount real imports –


The Antler Builder.


Reproduce original of symbols.

Squares method to cubomania;

Name contents with entoptic typography;

Can collage butter with metaphors and feathers –

Do It Tuesday at eleven corners.




Watch Romanian practices.

Types of usage called automatically – often The Opposed Gaze;

Smiles are similes of tropes, to be reassembled and given unknown certain regard.


The Latest Description Of Theoretical Woods.


Cubomania collages:

angry eyes melt,

the butter knives slip


a silent chorus –

or so sleeps the automatism cow.


Image materialization surautomatism,

the Making of The Gaze.


Highest skull annotation that spirals Coyote’s cognition and clears ambient silent salient beacon images is surautomatism; Uharte handia, picture image squares indecipherable methods still strands, either I applies.


Octopus whispers,

the meadow is full of wine,

count the footsteps lingering in the air.


No translation memories found. Consider more lenient enforced isolation of an absurdist epoch in an ingenious but complicated procedure. Seek the echoes of their eyes in the branches of the latent content, wingless birds, mere summaries of dried forgotten flowers.


Controversial lynxes fly through rapidly diminishing litotes catacombs – Eases taxonomy maintenance.


An equal grouping believe this, as they wash their faces in the lunar breezes, but the random circles’ sleep of integral vacuum mezzotints cuts the pictorial symbiosis like a peregrine falcon’s glance.


That Purple Order that deconstructs In The Without staggers into The Gaze, by then an ant suggests a graphomania of bygones, which rises reassembled, born to wander solitary.



We of Images number tendency beyond ” surrealists ” – going is into which surautomatism are in copper time with a baroque table. You choose the type of kitty litter that will be purchased next month. Remember the Moon’s many faces – this is the boundary of the brain key pole from the water of the comet’s polarization epiphany.



In Lacanian psychoanalytic theory,

the Gaze is the anxious state of mind

that comes with the self-awareness

that ONE can be seen and looked at.

The psychological effect upon the person subjected to the gaze is a loss of autonomy upon becoming aware that he or she is a visible object. ( The Gaze )

Print advertisements often employ images of humans

whose gaze may be focused

on an object or region within the advertisement.

Gaze cues are powerful factors

in determining

the focus of our attention,


there have been no Systematic studies


the impact of gaze cues

on attention to print advertisements.

We tracked participants’ eyes

whilst they read an on-screen magazine

containing advertisements

in which


either looked at


being advertised





When the model’s gaze was directed at the product,

participants spent longer looking at the product,

the brand logo

and the rest of the advertisement

compared to when the model’s gaze

was directed towards


These results demonstrate


the focus of reader’s attention

can be readily manipulated




provided by models

in advertisements,

and that these influences

go beyond simply

drawing attention

to the cued area

of the advertisement.

(Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.)





Asemic Tarot 14 – but their crazy spew ears

Construction –

But their crazy spew ears stops.

Move the leader.

Avoid new homes.


The window broke

And inrush the storm –

there is one water.


Here, Exception enjoys the maintenance of ale as the contradictory table of silk.


The new agglomerate is still cute.

The latest description applies.


Vans and Wrights are a blacker  flight –

approach twang Easter plaques from wealth to sleeping plates,

watch for a lack of synchronicity and a weak stage presence.


Astronomy emits Tambourine ions, trust carbon unicycles.

Seek conjoined kilns in the rose garden,

avoid geese and snow squalls.


Old-fashioned binary compound needs watching.

Avoid being a bit of astrology roast logy when meeting new strangers.