Asemic Tarot 9 – T gets close

Divination is a difficult supposition,

but the train lines are strong

when the cowboy sings his song

and out the rusty bell rings.


There are many things,

watching a silver penny,

soil shadows bewilder.

Cat purr dozes in splendour,

as scissors cut paper sky

into a convulsive commode calliope.


big tea gets close,

gestural gestation genuflects,

crystallization ensues,

quest onions rise,

boughs belch,

lotters well up there –

come over-pumped and antepenult.


the uncurtailed go –

becoming also total bibliophiles.

mateship clumsily consigned

to collage containers of etaerios sneeshans.






Asemic Tarot 8 – happily ever after 0~ perhaps cloud

Hoar gilt marble

Slumbers in the park.

Eggs in the house are also known in the eye.


Dormant breeze in the woods is very quiescent.

Indigo can think of marble sleep in sculpture –

patiently proficient plumes ply awhile ago.


Bud creeps quietly, quietly.

Miles Key to Future’s past;

Have thousands of your scones –

An unfortunate forest needs to lock the marble egg

in Seeker’s Dreams.


Hatched bird sings

happily ever after 0 ~ perhaps cloud.

Note: This card is always associated with the shadow of a couple eating Ramen noodles in a park in the afternoon. When reversed, it represents that which you have yet to see on a trolley car.  Remember appropriate eye-wear and owl feathers when meditating on the significance of this card in your life. Do not place on a table with a Bosc pear.

Asemic Tarot Card 17 – Girls night out ~ Snow White Tasha

The Kurata Butterfly is worthy of the Snow White era.

As time went on, the I continued.
Because I is very small, my eyes are mysterious.

Someone is not very cool, green, and laughing.
Indigo lost mist – sympathy as before.
Let’s go to the sand now.


Tasha makes a phone call from an open window –

girls night out:


Gelatine gear gazette geese

gaudy gasometer gash

gauche gasket gaps gasps

In Spain, forests are found and cherished.
Let’s be in Spain.


It was a yearning and a horror.
– when you sleep on a happy green night.
Do not forget that knight’s nostalgia.
Remember surveillance of “I am”.

Miscellaneous misapprehension

makes mischief

mislaid revolt.


Asemic Tarot Cards 5 & 6

Asemic Tarot Cards 5 & 6

a quasi-temporal non-euclidean interpretation of stasis ventilating

Asemic Tarot 5 – Tectonic plates Aczan-Nacht yzr2ca

super^(ᐱᒃ &% }ᐅᒃ

lexicographers allowed oddities and archaisms

tessellations triumphant tectonic trembling tagliatelle tailwind-sloth-song tailoring tabular tabor-tabernacle taboo-tactician-phoneme taciturn tainted tabloidish tannin-tankard tangential #mingish~

nonlinear rack –

contrarian clouds crafted,

demonstrate freedom .

Asemic Tarot 6 – Okhotsk Eye Lashormage-Kuril-Kamcatka

There is sex in that land, and one is always aware of it.

Fore*/$#biddenQ ᐅᒃ`%W

Ocular octopus oracle essential eye fundamentally simulacrum simile mandrel elementalishly funicular function fuddles pond puddle fuchsia fillimentarian gash gellitained lowdown lozenge overall orthographical opium fire optimum obsequiesish safari occluded occupant observation

One only boils fogs-

cafe Latino laundry,

composed lyric ghost

stands in the lane eyeing stars,

white dogs sing to clouded moon.

The Traveler – Harlequin of the Road

Today’s image serves as a notification that I have added a new page to Implied Spaces – The Keltic Layout for the Tarot : Plot Structure. Claudia McGill  had expressed interest in how the Eden Gray Keltic Layout can be used as a writing prompt, I finally have the page up and properly linked. The layout contains elements of both plot outline and the character sketch. Check out the page for more information.

NOTE: The image, one of my early attempts at creating a Tarot card,  is from What if Wednesday: Travelling to The Knick of Time , which is found on my blog, Dark Pines Photo.